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Our very own gril reproter!

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Orca Mae, last name unknown, is a minor character in the Pixelville Chronicles. She is the elderly "gril reproter" for the local newspaper, the Pixelville Frigate. It’s possible that once upon a time her name was "Cora." Her claim to fame is that she hears many things wrong; what she hears, she misunderstands; and what she does understand, she's likely to write incorrectly.

She also labors under the delusion that she can touch-type.

We're not sure why she became our symbol. A lot of us like wordplay, puns, and malaprops. That's part of it, but not all of it. Maybe the big thing is that, next to her, the rest of us all look competent. She also makes a terrific excuse: The next time you make a terrible, terrible typo, just shrug and say, "Ooops, I must have been channeling Orca Mae!"

"My careen adjective is to crate a worm and congenital atmosphere in cat rooms and on massage broads so my fiends can conjugate all over cyberspace."

Beware the idea of March!


© 1998, Katherine E. Wattam

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