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  Keep up to date on the happenings of Orcas Place cofounder MamaKayte, through her LiveJournal weblog.

Here's "Fayezie," self-described "retired x-schoolteacher - social
  worker - librarian - bookeditor - liquorsalesman - applepicker -
  poetartistwouldbe - ne'erdowell - splitpersonalitied 3000 year old Troll.

AuroraHawk is the quintessential Orcan. She's an enthusiastic
   supporter, a loving friend, and a very bright woman! Through
   her website, you'll get to know her, some of her interests,
   and you're bound to learn something new!


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  Meet a lovely Orcan family, their pet, a favorite neighbor -
  and learn the story of Celia's swing. This story will warm your
  heart and put a smile on your face.

And now meet Dorothy, the favorite neighbor in the story above.
  Jill, Celia's mom,
created this site to share with us the celebration
  of Dorothy's wedding to Jim. In addition to being Jill's pal, Dorothy
  is the sister of Orca's legendary, one-and-only MamaKayte.


  Steve offers a site that covers everything from babies to baseball
  to the Bible -- as well as a "Thought for the Week." As "Srntheref,"
  he's seen frequently in Orca's chatroom, where he has hosted trivia games.

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  Check out the concert photography of Orca's Place current webmaster and keeper of the mailing list, Kelpie.

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Like everything about Orca's, this site is the result of loving cooperative effort.
Very special thanks go to Kevin Frushour who, with only a few kicks in the butt from his parents,
designed and launched the original Orca's site.
Major contributors to the update include:
Kayte (the sine qua non of Orca's),
Dawn (who created the Orca Convention page),
JL (who is largely to blame for the rest of the site),
Max (some of whose coding JL shamelessly ripped off),
Lysa (who thankfully never minces words with her observations),
and Michael (for editorial and tech work, putting out the Frigate every Sunday, and groaner jokes).
To all you wonderful folks who populate Orca's and always jump in when help is needed,
this is YOUR place and it wouldn't have happened without you.
And with you, the site continues to grow and evolve. Stay tuned. :)

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